Jean-Antoine Marbot

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Jean-Antoine Marbot (1754-1800), French general and politician

General Jean-Antoine Marbot (7 December 1754 – 19 April 1800) was a French general and politician.

Marbot was a member of the Garde du Corps but resigned upon the outbreak of the French Revolution. In 1791 he was elected a deputy to the Legislative Assembly. He took part in the French Revolutionary Wars in the Cerdagne against Spain. By 1795 he had been promoted to general de division. In 1795 he was elected to the Council of Ancients and twice served as its president. In 1799 he succeeded Joubert as head of the Paris military district. In 1800 Marbot died in the siege of Genoa under André Masséna.

He was the father of Antoine Adolphe Marcelin Marbot and Jean Baptiste Antoine Marcellin de Marbot.

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