Mimicry Srinivos

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Mimicry Srinivos
Background information
Birth name Sreenivas Chinchapattana Gomatham
Born (1961-12-25) December 25, 1961 (age 55)
Genres Ventriloquist, Mimic
Occupation(s) Mimicry, Ventriloquism
Years active 1977-present

Mimicry Srinivos is an international impressionist (entertainment), ventriloquist and very first sound illusionist from India. For past 37 years he performed more than 6500 shows all over India and around the world, including US, UK, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Sharjah, Bahrain, Kuwait, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. He is a disciple of world-renowned mimic Padmashri Dr. Nerella Venumadhav and learnt ventriloquism from Prof. M.M. Roy of Chennai, India and later he graduated in ventriloquism from Mahers institute of ventriloquists, Colorado, US. He is a member of " North American Association of Ventriloquists". He is also known as "mimikry srinivas, " Mimicry sreenivas, "mimicry srinivas" "Mimicry Seenu" and "Mimicry Srinivos". This year, 2013 Education department of previous combined Andhra Pradesh state ( India ) included Srinivos story in class 8th physics lesson in the chapter " Sound".

Early life[edit]

Sreenivos was born in a small village called Kesamudram in Warangal district of Telangana state in 1961. When he was a kid, got impressed by Dr Nerella Venumadhav's performance and started practising imitation of various voices. Fortunately he got an opportunity to learn more and improve his skills when his parents moved to Warangal which is hometown of Dr Venumadhav. Soon he became a favorite desciple of Dr Venumadhav. He started performing on stage when he was 15 years old and quickly became a popular artist with his new and bold experiments in mimicry and ventriloquism. He is also a graphic artist and as a teenager he ran his own graphic art business 'Navata Arts' in Warangal during late 70s.


He graduated in 'Bachelor of Arts' from Arts and Science College (affiliated to Kakatiya University), Warangal, Telangana state, India in the year 1982.


Srinivos is the first Indian mimic to perform ventriloquism and sound illusion. Srinivos has enthralled audiences all over India. He performed and entertained worldwide including cities like New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Springfield (IL), Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Huntsville, San Francisco, San Jose, Berkely, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, London, Stoke on trent, Dubai, Sharjah, Bahrain, Kuwait, Riyadh, Dammam, Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Colombo, Walatgama, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bagandatho, Kulim, Abudhabi, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to name a few.

Srinivos created "Dhwanyavadhaanam", a unique feat in the world history of mimicry in the year 1990 and performed it first time in Tyagaraya gana Sabha auditorium in Hyderabad. He was awarded the title Dhwanyavadhaana Samrat.

He set a sensational world record by performing 32-hour nonstop mimicry show in 1990 at Tyagaraja Ganasabha auditorium in Hyderabad. It was organised by the Hyderabad Film & Cultural Circle. It was a very successful show. At least 50,000 spectators enjoyed that event. It was shown live on big screens outside the auditorium for those who were unable to enter in.

He is well known for his presentation skills and most importantly for his analysis of voices of various movie stars and popular figures, comparing how those voices changed from time to time. He always says the secret for his success is that he does not do different mimicry but does it differently. He inspired and taught mimicry and ventriloquism to many popular artists performing in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States today. Srinivos is often considered as the successor to Dr Venumadhav. He made the art so popular that 'Mimicry' has become part of his name. Later many mimics in India followed the same trend by adding 'Mimicry' to their name.

His performances include 'Mimicry Jugalbandi' and 'Group Mimicry' and unbelievable items in ventriloquism like Voice Throwing, Sound Perspective, Sound in Liquid, Distant Ventriloquism, Caricature Illusion, Close-up Sound Illusion, Point-blank Sound Illusion, etc. He was hired by Indian Railways as a cultural representative and he currently works for South Central Railways, Hyderabad, India. He appears very often in various Telugu television channels. Srinivos performs in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Telugu.

Titles and Awards[edit]

He has received various titles and awards over the past 38 years.


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