Miniature Zebu

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Miniature Zebu
Mini Zebu.jpg
Country of origin United States
  • Male: 182–272 kg[1]:245
  • Female: 136–227 kg[1]:245
  • maximum 107 cm (42 in)[1]:245

The Miniature Zebu is a modern American breed of zebuine miniature cattle. A breed association was established in 1991.[1]:245[2]


India has numerous traditional breeds of very small zebuine cattle, such as the Vechur breed of southern Kerala.[1]:321 These may be collectively known as nadudana, "small cattle".[3]

The Miniature Zebu was established as a breed in the United States with the formation of the International Miniature Zebu Association, a breed registry, in 1991.[1]:245 At that time, there were small zebuine cattle in twenty-three American zoos, and others were held by some fifty private owners. The parent stock had originally been imported from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Sweden. By 2016 more than 6200 animals were registered.[1]:245


The maximum height permitted for registration is 107 cm (42 in).[1]:245


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