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The Ministry of Tourism (Greek: Υπουργείo Τουρισμού) is a former government department of Greece in charge of tourism. Known previously as the Ministry of Touristic Development (Υπουργείο Τουριστικής Ανάπτυξης), it was merged with the Ministry of Culture on 7 October 2009 but re-established as a separate department on 21 June 2012.

List of Ministers for Touristic Development (2004–2009)[edit]

Name Took Office Left Office Party
Dimitris Avramopoulos 18 March 2004 15 February 2006 New Democracy
Fani Palli-Petralia 15 February 2006 19 September 2007 New Democracy
Aris Spiliotopoulos 19 September 2007 7 January 2009 New Democracy
Kostas Markopoulos (el) 8 January 2009 7 October 2009 New Democracy

List of Ministers for Tourism (since 2012)[edit]

Name Took Office Left Office Party
Elena Kountoura 26 January 2015 Continues Independent Greeks
Olga Kefalogianni 21 June 2012 25 January 2015 New Democracy

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