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As a first name, Minnie is a feminine given name. It can be a diminutive (hypocorism) of Minerva, Winifred, Wilhelmina, Hermione, Mary, Clementine or Amelia. It may refer to:

People with the given name[edit]

People with the nickname[edit]


  • Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) (1847–1928), Empress of Russia, known within her family as Minnie
  • Minnie Dean (1844–1895), only woman to receive the death penalty in New Zealand
  • Minnie Driver (born 1970), English actress and singer-songwriter
  • Minnie Hauk (1851–1929), American operatic soprano
  • Minnie Vautrin (1886–1941), American missionary who saved the lives of many women during the Nanking Massacre
  • Minnie Warren (1849–1878), American dwarf associated with P. T. Barnum


  • Roy McGiffin (1891–1918), ice hockey player
  • Minnie Mendoza (born 1933), Cuban retired Major League Baseball player and coach
  • Minnie Miñoso (born 1925), Cuban retired Major League Baseball and Negro leagues player
  • Minnie Rojas (1933–2002), Major League Baseball relief pitcher

Fictional characters[edit]