Minx (Toyah album)

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Minx (album).jpg
Cover photography by Terence Donovan
Studio album by Toyah
Released July 1985
Recorded 1985
Studio Audio International Studios, London, UK
Genre New wave, pop
Length 40:08
Label Portrait
Producer Christopher Neil
Toyah chronology
Singles from Minx
  1. "Don't Fall in Love (I Said)"
    Released: April 1985
  2. "Soul Passing Through Soul"
    Released: June 1985
  3. "World in Action"
    Released: September 1985

Minx was the first studio album released by British singer Toyah Willcox as a solo artist in 1985.

It has something of a controversial reputation as it represented a departure from her previous works, which tended toward thematic albums written almost in their entirety by Willcox and long-standing band members such as Joel Bogen and Phil Spalding. As an attempt to make a more "polished" pop album and (supposedly) to break into the U.S. market, a lot of artistic control was ceded to the producers leading to an unprecedented four cover versions from the original CD's 12 tracks. The lead single "Don't Fall in Love (I Said)" was a hit in the UK, reaching the top 30, as did the album, but follow-up releases "Soul Passing Through Soul" and "World in Action" were less successful.[1]

The album became very hard to find in the 1990s, and before its 2005 reissue, CD copies were commanding high figures on EBay.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
1."Soldier of Fortune, Terrorist of Love"Toyah Willcox, Adrian Lee3:10
2."Don't Fall in Love (I Said)"Willcox, Simon Darlow3:45
3."Soul Passing Through Soul"Willcox, Michael St James3:52
4."Sympathy" (Rare Bird cover)Graham Standfield, David Kassinetti, Stephen Gould, Mark Ashton3:28
5."I'll Serve You Well"Willcox, Darlow5:57
Side two
6."All in a Rage"Willcox, Joel Bogen3:28
7."Space Between the Sounds"Willcox, Darlow4:32
8."School's Out" (Alice Cooper cover)Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce3:56
9."World in Action"Harry Bogdanovs3:36
10."America for Beginners" (Latin Quarter cover)Steve Skaith, Mike Jones4:24
Original CD/cassette bonus tracks
6."Over Twenty-One" (DATA cover)Georg Kajanus3:17
Total length:46:48
2005 CD additional bonus tracks
13."Snow Covers the Kiss"Willcox, Bogen, Christopher Neil3:13
14."Kiss the Devil"Willcox, Lee3:21
15."Don't Fall in Love (I Said)" (Extended Mix)Willcox, Darlow5:12
16."Soul Passing Through Soul" (Extended Mix)Willcox, St James4:45
17."World in Action" (Extended Mix)Bogdanovs5:39
18."World in Action" (Action Mix)Bogdanovs9:23
Total length:78:21


Guest musicians
  • Adrian Lee - keyboards on track 1
  • Andy Brown - bass on track 3 and 16
  • John Earle, Ray Beavis - saxophones on track 3 and 16
  • Michael St James - backing vocals on track 3
  • Richard Hewson - string arrangements on track 4
  • Joji Hirota - percussion on track 5
  • Phil Palmer - guitar on track 6
  • The English Chorale - additional vocals on track 7
  • Paul Raven - bass on track 8
  • Paul Ferguson - drums on track 8
  • Richard Bull - guitar on tracks 9, 17 and 18
  • John Kirby - backing vocals on track 10
  • Jon McLoughlin - additional guitar on track 18