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Israeli Artist Mira Sasson

Mira Sasson is an Israeli artist living in the United States. She is the resident artist for Pioneers For A Cure - Songs To Fight Cancer, a non-profit organization that raises funds for cancer treatment, cancer research, and cancer care through song downloads. In addition to the dozens of artist portraits Sasson has painted for Pioneers For A Cure, she has illustrated and authored several children’s books.


Sasson was born in Bnei-Brak. Raised in a large, close-knit family and community, she attended Orthodox religious schools but yearned to express herself through drawing and painting. After a serious car accident at age 22 Sasson rehabilitated herself through painting. By the age of 35, in addition to working on paintings, Mira added narration to a series of sketches and discovered her love and talent for storytelling. She began authoring children’s books and wrote a weekly article for a community newspaper. As of 2011, her books were being translated to English for release in North America.[1] [2]

Pioneers for a Cure[edit]

Mira Sasson is working on a series of portraits of singers who have contributed songs to Pioneers For A Cure - Songs To Fight Cancer. These portraits include Suzanne Vega, Ben E. King, Tovah Feldshuh, Lorin Sklamberg, David Broza, Taylor Barton, Yosi Piamenta, Basya Schechter, Neshama Carlebach, Noah Solomon and Dudu Fisher.

In addition, Sasson contributed the cover artwork for the September 2011 release on iTunes of the 'Israeli Songs To Fight Cancer' compilation released by Pioneers For A Cure. The collection features songs by Dov Rosenblatt, Josh Nelson, Dudu Fisher, Y-Love and others.

Pioneers for a Cure Award Gala[edit]

On November 22, 2009, Pioneers For A Cure celebrated its first "Pioneer Of The Year Award" with a gala event at the Salmagundi Club in New York City with more than 250 friends and supporters. Attendees were welcomed by Harold Blond, President of the Israel Children's Cancer Foundation as well as Dana Ehrlich of the Israeli Consulate.

The "Pioneer Of The Year Award" was presented to Mira Sasson, whose artwork and portraits were on display at the gallery. Musical performers included Neshama Carlebach, Pharaoh's Daughter, Adrienne Cooper and Art Bailey, Greg Wall, Jeremiah Lockwood, Rashanim, Dov Rosenblatt and many more.

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