Mirko Šarović

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Mirko Šarović
Mirko Sarovic Trondheim.jpg
Mirko Šarović at EFTA Ministerial meeting in Trondheim, Norway
Serb member of the
Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency
In office
5 October 2002 – 2 April 2003
Preceded by Živko Radišić
Succeeded by Borislav Paravac
4th President of Republika Srpska
In office
March 1999[1] – 28 November 2002
Preceded by Nikola Poplašen
Succeeded by Dragan Čavić
Personal details
Born (1956-09-16) 16 September 1956 (age 60)
Rogatica, PR Bosnia-Herzegovina, FPR Yugoslavia
Political party Serb Democratic Party (SDS)

Mirko Šarović[pronunciation?] (Serbian Cyrillic: Мирко Шаровић; born 16 September 1956) is a Bosnian Serb politician and former Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Šarović resigned on 2 April 2003 faced with allegations of him involvement in organising illegal military trading with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.[2]


  1. ^ Acting president until 26 January 2000
  2. ^ In Bed With Iraq?, TIME Magazine, 19 September 2002

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