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Miss World France is a title that has been officially and unofficially conferred upon French representatives to Miss World since 1951.


Year Winner Position Placement at the Miss France pageant
1951 Maryse Delort Another Beauty Pageant
1952 Nicole Drouin Winner (1951)
1953 Denise Perrier MISS WORLD 1953 Another Beauty Pageant
1954 Claudine Bleuse 3RD RUNNER-UP Another Beauty Pageant
1955 Gisele Thierry 5TH RUNNER-UP Another Beauty Pageant
1956 Genevieve Solare Another Beauty Pageant
1957 Claudette Inés Navarro 5TH RUNNER-UP Another Beauty Pageant
1958 Claudine Oger 1ST RUNNER-UP Another Beauty Pageant
1959 Marie Hélène Trové Another Beauty Pageant
1960 Dianne Medina TOP 15 Another Beauty Pageant
1961 Michèle Wargnier 3RD RUNNER-UP 1st Runner-Up then Winner then Dethroned
1962 Monique Lemaire 2ND RUNNER-UP Winner
1963 Muguette Fabris 5TH RUNNER-UP Winner
1964 Jacqueline Gayraud TOP 16 Winner
1965 Christiane Sibellin TOP 16 Winner
1966 Michèle Boule TOP 15 Winner (dethroned)
1967 Carole Noe TOP 15 Another Beauty Pageant
1968 Nelly Gallerne TOP 15 Another Beauty Pageant
1969 Suzanne Angly TOP 15 Winner
1970 Micheline Beaurain Winner
1971 Myriam Stocco 6TH RUNNER-UP Winner
1972 Claudine Cassereau 3rd Runner-Up
1973 Isabelle Nadia Krumacker Winner
1974 Edna Tepava Winner
1975 Sophie Sonia Perin Winner
1976 Monique Uldaric Winner
1977 Véronique Fagot TOP 15 Winner
1978 Kelly Hoarau Winner
1979 Sylvie Hélène Marie Parera Winner
1980 Patricia Barzyk 2ND RUNNER-UP Winner
1981 Isabelle Sophie Benard Winner
1982 Martine Marie Phillipps 1st Runner-Up
1983 Frédérique Marcelle Leroy 1st Runner-Up then Winner
1984 Martine Robine Winner
1985 Nathalie Jones Miss France Outre-Mer
1986 Catherine Carew Miss France Outre-Mer
1987 Nathalie Marquay TOP 12 Winner
1988 Claudia Frittolini 1st Runner-Up
1989 Peggy Zlotkowski Winner
1990 Gaëlle Voiry Winner
1991 Maréva Georges TOP 10 Winner
1992 Linda Hardy Winner
1993 Véronique de la Cruz TOP 10 Winner
1994 Radiah Latidine 2nd Runner-Up
1995 Hélène Lantoine 1st Runner-Up
1996 Séverine Deroualle 4th Runner-Up
1997 Laure Belleville Winner (1996)
1998 Véronique Caloc 1ST RUNNER-UP 1st Runner-Up
1999 Sandra Bretones Another Beauty Pageant
2000 Karine Meier Another Beauty Pageant
2001 Emmanuelle Chossat Another Beauty Pageant
2002 Caroline Chamorand Another Beauty Pageant
2003 Virginie Dubois Another Beauty Pageant
2004 Laetitia Marcinak 3rd Runner-Up
2005 Cindy Fabre Winner
2006 Laura Fasquel 2nd Runner-Up
2007 Rachel Legrain-Trapani Winner
2008 Laura Tanguy 2nd Runner-Up
2009 Chloé Mortaud 3RD RUNNER-UP Winner
2010 Virginie Dechenaud TOP 20 1st Runner-Up
2011 Clémence Oleksy 2nd Runner-Up
2012 Delphine Wespiser Winner
2013 Marine Lorphelin 1ST RUNNER-UP (Miss World Europe) Winner
2014 Flora Coquerel Winner
2015 Hinarere Taputu TOP 11 1st Runner-Up
2016 Morgane Edwige TOP 20 1st Runner-Up
2017 Aurore Kichenin TOP 5 1st Runner-Up
2018 Maëva Coucke TOP 12 Winner
2019 Ophély Mézino 1ST RUNNER-UP (Miss World Europe) 1st Runner-Up