Mass in F major, K. 192

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Missa brevis in F major
Mass by W. A. Mozart
Motif of the Credo
KeyF major
CatalogueK. 192/186f
Composed1774 (1774): Salzburg
VocalSATB choir and soloists
Instrumentalorchestra and organ

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Missa brevis in F major, K. 192 (186f), was completed in Salzburg, on 24 June 1774. It is scored for SATB soloists, SATB choir, 2 trumpets (which Mozart added later), 3 trombones, 2 violins, organ. AMA I/1 No. 6, NMA I:1/1/ii

The Credo of this mass features the "Do-Re-Fa-Mi" motif from the hymn Lucis creator,[1] which Mozart later used as the main theme to the final of his Jupiter Symphony.[2] Due to its repetition of this theme, it is classed as a Credo Mass;[3] it is often known as the Kleine (small) Credo Mass to distinguish it from the Great Credo Mass, K. 257.[4]


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