Missionary Diocese of the Trinity

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Missionary Diocese of the Trinity
Ecclesiastical province Anglican Church in North America/Convocation of Anglicans in North America
Parishes 36
Rite Anglican
Cathedral Anglican Cathedral of the Resurrection, Indianapolis
Current leadership
Bishop Amos Fabgamiye
Missionary Diocese of the Trinity Official Website

The Missionary Diocese of the Trinity (MDT) is a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America and a sub-jurisdiction of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA). It was the first missionary diocese of CANA launched by the Church of Nigeria in the United States and Canada. It is non-geographical in nature and works as a missionary, evangelical and church planting movement. Due to its nature, it is divided in 6 archdeaconries, 5 in the United States, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, North-East, Pacific and South, and one in Canada. it is represented in 17 American states and 4 Canadian provinces.[1] It counts 36 parishes, 30 in the United States and 6 in Canada. The first and current bishop is Amos Fagbamiye.


The Church of Nigeria first started the Convocation of Anglicans in North America in 2005 to provide a home for orthodox Anglicanism in North America. CANA was one of the founding jurisdictions of the ACNA in June 2009. In 2010, CANA was divided into several districts, one of them being the Missionary District of the Trinity. Martyn Minns, Missionary Bishop of CANA at the time, presented to the General Synod of the Church of Nigeria that the Missionary District of the Trinity should become the Missionary Diocese of the Trinity, which was affirmed on September 23, 2011. The new diocese is under the authority of CANA, which is a Jurisdiction within the ACNA. The official inauguration of the diocese took place on August 19, 2012, at the Anglican Church of the Resurrection in Indianapolis, Indiana, with the presence of the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, Primate of Nigeria, and the Most Rev. Robert Duncan, Primate of the ACNA. In 2014, when Julian Dobbs was named the Missionary Bishop of CANA, Archbishop Okoh affirmed that the MDT was a CANA diocese, thus part of the ACNA, and not directly related to Nigeria. He directed that the constitution and canons of MDT be brought into conformity with the ACNA, a work that is ongoing.

The majority of churches are culturally Nigerian, but are open to people from all ethnicities.


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