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Attorney General of Mississippi
Seal of the Attorney General of Mississippi.jpg
Seal of the Attorney General
Lynn fitch.jpg
Lynn Fitch

since January 14, 2020
Term length4 years
First holderLyman Harding

The Attorney General of Mississippi is the chief legal officer of the state and serves as the state's lawyer. Only the Attorney General can bring or defend a lawsuit on behalf of the state.

The Attorney General is elected statewide for a four-year term with no term limits. The qualification for office is that one must be qualified elector, at least 26 years of ages, a practicing attorney for 5 years, and a citizen of the state for 5 years before the date of election.

All Attorneys General from 1878 to 2020 were Democrats.

List of Attorneys General[edit]

Name Term Party
Lyman Harding 1818–1820 Democrat-Republican
Edward Turner 1820–1821 Democrat-Republican
Thomas Buck Reed 1821–1825 Democrat-Republican
Richard Stockton 1825–1828 Jacksonian
George Adams 1828–1829 Jacksonian
Robert H. Buckner 1829–1830 Democrat
R.M. Gaines 1830–1834 Democrat
M.D. Patton 1834–1837 Democrat
T.F. Collins 1837–1841 Democrat
John D. Freeman 1841–1850 Democrat
David C. Glenn[1] 1850–1857 Democrat
T.J. Wharton 1857–1865 Democrat
Charles E. Hooker 1865–1868 Democrat
Jasper Myers 1868–1870 Democrat
Joshua S. Morris 1870–1874 Democrat
George E. Harris 1874–1878 Republican
Thomas C. Catchings 1878–1885 Democrat
Thomas S. Ford 1885–1886 Democrat
T. Marshall Miller 1886–1893 Democrat
Frank Johnston 1893–1896 Democrat
Wiley N. Nash 1896–1900 Democrat
Monroe McClurg 1900–1903 Democrat
William Williams 1903–1907 Democrat
Robert Virgil Fletcher 1907–1908 Democrat
J. Bowman Sterling 1908–1910 Democrat
Shepherd Spencer Hudson 1910–1912 Democrat
Ross A. Collins 1912–1920 Democrat
Frank Roberson 1920–1923 Democrat
C.D. Potter 1923–1924 Democrat
Rush Hightower Knox 1924–1928 Democrat
George T. Mitchell 1928–1932 Democrat
Greek Lent Rice 1932–1950 Democrat
James P. Coleman 1950–1956 Democrat
Joseph Turner Patterson 1956–1969 Democrat
A. F. Summer 1969–1980 Democrat
William Allain 1980–1984 Democrat
Edwin L. Pittman 1984–1988 Democrat
Mike Moore 1988–2004 Democrat
Jim Hood 2004–2020 Democrat
Lynn Fitch 2020–present Republican


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