Mississippi Insurance Department

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The Mississippi Insurance Department was created as a separate department by an Act of the Mississippi Legislature, effective March 1, 1902. The Act provided for the election of an Insurance Commissioner at the general election of 1903 and provided that until the election and qualification of such Insurance Commissioner, the duties of the office should be discharged by the State Auditor of Public Accounts.[1]

Post Holders[edit]

Commissioners of Insurance, 1903-Present[edit]

  • W.Q. Cole, 1903-1908
  • T.M. Henry, 1908-1928
  • Ben S. Lowry, 1928-1932
  • George Riley, 1932-1935
  • J.H. Johnson, 1935-1936
  • John Sharp Williams III, 1936-1944
  • Jesse L. White, 1944-1952
  • Walter Dell Davis, 1952-1972
  • Evelyn Gandy, 1972-1976
  • George Dale, 1976-2008
  • Mike Chaney, 2008-Present