Mister B. Gone

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Mister B. Gone
First edition
Author Clive Barker
Cover artist Clive Barker
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Horror
Publisher Harper
Publication date
27 October 2007
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 256
ISBN 978-0-06-018298-4
OCLC 175222018
823/.914 22
LC Class PR6052.A6475 M57 2007

Mister B. Gone is a short metafiction novel by Clive Barker, published in the United Kingdom and the United States in October 2007.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

A lesser demon named Jakabok Botch, who lived a traumatised childhood in Hell, especially due to his brutish, physically abusive demon of a father. To prevent himself from losing his mind, Jakabok decides to write violent, hate-filled papers in which he commits torture and patricide.

Jakabok finds himself in the 14th century, under the captivity of a corrupt priest and his partners. He decides to run off into the forest, where he approaches a young girl (one of the partners' daughters) in the midst of unholy ground, which is covered in demonic gore.

Jakabok then encounters a couple in the grass. Jakabok is forced to kill the hostile male counterpart, taking his clothes. At this point, Jakabok after several persuading attempts throughout the story threatens the reader one final time to burn the book and set him free. After realising that the reader is heartless and cold, he gives up on asking.


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