Mistress of the Apes

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Mistress of the Apes
Directed byLarry Buchanan
Produced byLarry Buchanan
Written byLarry Buchanan
StarringJenny Neumann
Barbara Leigh
Garth Pillsbury
Release date
CountryUnited States

Mistress of the Apes is a 1979 film from Larry Buchanan.[1][2]


When Susan decides to search Africa's jungles for her missing anthropologist husband, she's shocked to discover the missing link. She's even more surprised to find that they want her to become their queen.[3][4]


  • Jenny Neumann as Susan Jamison
  • Barbara Leigh as Laura
  • Garth Pillsbury as Paul Cory
  • Walt Robin as David
  • Stuart Lancaster as Brady
  • Mark Rhudy as Matthews
  • Marius Mazmanian as Sikes


TV Guide panned the film, rating it one star and writing "The farfetched premise makes for some pretty entertaining moments, including some unintentionally funny philosophical meandering."[5]


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