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Modelur Screenshot
Modelur Screenshot
Developer(s) AgiliCity d.o.o.
Initial release April 2009 (2009-apr)
Stable release
0.5.9-r04 (Windows, Mac OS X) / June 22, 2017; 53 days ago (2017-06-22)
Operating system Windows
Mac OS X
Available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish
Type 3D computer graphics, CAD
License Available in Beta Partner Program.

Modelur is a 3D parametric urban design software, implemented as a SketchUp plugin.

In contrast to common CAD applications, where the user designs buildings with usual dimensions such as width, depth and height, Modelur offers design of built environment through key urban parameters such as number of storeys and gross floor area of a building. In addition, urban control values (i.e. Floor Space Index, Built-up Area, etc. ) and requirements (i.e. number of parking lots or green areas) based on land use normatives are calculated in real-time.


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