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Portable application creators allow the creation of portable applications (also called portable apps). They usually use application virtualization.

Creators of independent portable applications[edit]

No agent or client is required for these (also called "agentless" solutions):

  • BoxedApp - Packer Developer Tool[1]
  • Cameyo - Application Virtualization (Free for personal use)[2]
  • Ceedo
  • Enigma - Virtual Box - Application Virtualization System for Windows[3]
  • JauntePe - Free Portable App creator[4]
  • Evalaze - Application Virtualization[5]
  • jPort Java portable desktop by jWork.ORG
  • InstallFree Bridge (Doesn't appear available since acquisition by Watchdox in Dec 2012)
  • LANDesk Application Virtualization
  • PortableApps.com
  • Spoon Studio (formerly: Xenocode Virtual Application Studio)
  • VMware ThinApp (formerly: Thinstall)

Related software[edit]

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