Mona el-Shazly

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Mona El Shazly
Born (1970-12-23) December 23, 1970 (age 45)
Cairo, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Occupation Talk Show host
Known for Her talk show Al Ashira Masa'an (10 O'Clock)

Mona El Shathely (Arabic: منى الشاذلى‎, IPA: [ˈmonæ (ʔe)ʃˈʃæzli]) is an Egyptian talk show host. She is known for her talk show Al Ashira Masa'an (English: 10 O'Clock) where she talks about news of the day and interviews Egyptian and foreign politicians, scientists, and Islamic elders.

Early life[edit]

El Shathely graduated from high school in the United Arab Emirates and then studied MASCOM and advertisement at the American University in Cairo.


El Shathely worked in Public Relations at the Arab Contractors Company.

She hosted several programs on the Saudi-owned Arab Radio and Television Network Channel.

She has been at Dream 2 Channel since 2006, hosting Al Ashira Masa'an. Dream TV is a popular independent Egyptian satellite channel. "By her own estimate, she is one of the highest paid hosts on Arabic satellite television," a report said.[1] Her contract with Dream Channel is estimated between 2 to 3 million Egyptian pounds per year (appx. LE200,000/month).[citation needed] Addressing "government pressure on journalists in Egypt[;] 'They don’t understand that a presenter is not a spokesperson for the government or the regime,' she said. 'I am not a spokesman. But you always have this problem.'"[1]

Al Ashira Masa'an[edit]

Some of the guests that have been featured on the show are:


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