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Monsieur Doumani
Monsieur Doumani.jpg
Background information
Origin Cyprus Nicosia, Cyprus
Genres World, Cypriot Folk, Cypriot Traditional Music, Mediterranean, Fusion
Years active 2011-present
Labels Monsieur Doumani Records
Members Antonis Antoniou
Demetris Yiasemides
Angelos Ionas

Monsieur Doumani is a three-piece Cypriot band formed in Nicosia in 2011, nominated for "Best Group" in the Songlines Music Awards 2016.[1]

Formation and Background[edit]

The band consists of Antonis Antoniou (also member of neo-rebetiko group Trio Tekke) on the tzouras,[2] Angelos Ionas on the guitar and Demetris Yiasemides on the wind instruments. Each member comes from a different musical background but nevertheless all three are influenced by Cypriot tradition on various levels.[3][4] The band focuses upon the unique character of Cypriot folkloric music, enriching traditional songs with new arrangements, melodies, rhythms and sounds and crafting a style distinctively their own.[5] The band’s music is a blend of the traditional element with modern genres.[6] Their repertoire also includes their own compositions in the Cypriot Greek dialect,[7] which are inspired by contemporary Cypriot society, as for example the financial crisis that hit the island, the corrupted political system, social injustice and environmental issues.[8] They first performed live on 28 July 2012 at XORKO Collaborative Arts Movement's festival at Arminou village.[9]

Debut EP[edit]

In 2012 they produced their first limited-edition EP entitled Cyfolk, consisting of 8 rearrangements of Cypriot folk songs. The album was distributed only in Italy and it is now out of stock.[10]

Grippy Grappa Album[edit]

In May 2013 Monsieur Doumani released its first full-length album entitled Grippy Grappa[4][11] distributed by Proper Music Distribution. The album was produced in Nicosia, and composed mainly of reworkings of traditional Cypriot pieces.[12][13]

The album Grippy Grappa has received excellent reviews from international media such as the British newspaper The Guardian,[14] the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles[15] and the music magazine fRoots.[16] The album was amongst the Top of the World Albums according to the 95th issue of Songlines (magazine)[17] and it reached no.12 in World Music Network's August charts.[18] The album gained the group a "Best Newcomer" nomination in the Songlines Music Awards 2014.[19] In addition, the video clip of one of the album's songs called 'Out-of-touch guy' reached no.4 on World Music Network's November video charts.[20]

Sikoses Album[edit]

In March 2015, Monsieur Doumani released their second full-length album entitled Sikoses.[21] The album Sikoses was produced in Nicosia, Cyprus by Monsieur Doumani and consists of 13 tracks, 10 of which are originals and 3 reworkings of traditional Cypriot pieces.

Sikoses was nominated for the prestigious Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 2015. It was awarded ‘Top of the World' in Songlines magazine issue #108 [22] and received outstanding reviews from other media internationally. The album gained the band two nominations in Songlines Music Awards 2016, in the categories "Best Group" and "Europe".[23] Sikoses also reached No.1 in World Music Network's June 2015 chart[24] and No.1 in the November 2015 Transglobal World Music Chart.[25]

Worldwide Success, Recognition and Awards[edit]

-In August 2012, Monsieur Doumani represented Cyprus at the renowned international festival Ferrara Buskers Festival in Italy and was awarded the 3rd place for the most favored group of the festival.[10]

-In April 2014 Monsieur Doumani were nominated for "Best Newcomer" in the acclaimed Songlines Music Awards.[26] The awards were voted by readers of the international music magazine Songlines and the general public.

-In 2015 Monsieur Doumani's album 'Sikoses' was nominated for the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

-In June 2015 Monsieur Doumani's album Sikoses reached No.1 in the World Music Network Chart

-In November 2015 Monsieur Doumani's album Sikoses reached No.1 in the Transglobal World Music Chart

- In April 2016 Monsieur Doumani was nominated in the Songlines Music Awards 2016 in two categories: "Best Group" and "Europe". [27]

-Monsieur Doumani have performed in major festivals and venues in Europe, including WOMAD Charlton Park[28] 2014, Konzerthaus, Vienna, Songlines Encounters, Sommarscen Malmö etc.

Current members[edit]


  • Cyfolk (2012, Monsieur Doumani Records)
  • Grippy Grappa (2013, Monsieur Doumani Records)
  • Sikoses (2015, Monsieur Doumani Records)

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