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Founded in 1987 by Jeff Wohlwend and soon after joined by Connie Ramberg, Ken Ramberg and David Franey, JOBTRAK was a pioneer in Internet recruiting. Jeff Wohlwend exited day-to-day operations in 1989 and Scott Holcomb was made partner a few years thereafter.

While other early online recruiting sites including and the Online Career Center targeted the broad employment market, JOBTRAK focused on college recruiting. The company's innovative strategy consisted of forming exclusive partnership with college and university career centers throughout the United States thereby enabling employers to target their job openings to students and alumni from the schools of their choice. JOBTRAK's early partnerships began with the Los Angeles Community Colleges and spread from there to include most of the top universities in the country including Stanford, Columbia, Harvard, USC, Cornell, MIT, Duke, UCLA, Northwestern, etc.

By 1999, twelve years after its launch, JOBTRAK had partnerships with more than 1,000 career centers, more than half a million registered users and 520,000 employer accounts.

On November 8, 2000, (NASDAQ: MWW), announced that it acquired privately held JOBTRAK and named Ken Ramberg as President of its college recruiting division. The acquisition of JOBTRAK positioned as a leader in college recruiting. The terms and conditions of the acquisition were not disclosed.

In 2000, Monster re-branded the service as MonsterTRAK and in 2010 re-branded the site again as MonsterCollege --

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