Monte Lauro

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Monte Lauro
Location of Monte Lauro in Sicily
Highest point
Elevation 986 m (3,235 ft)
Coordinates 37°07′1.1058″N 14°49′10.614″E / 37.116973833°N 14.81961500°E / 37.116973833; 14.81961500Coordinates: 37°07′1.1058″N 14°49′10.614″E / 37.116973833°N 14.81961500°E / 37.116973833; 14.81961500
Monte Lauro is located in Italy
Monte Lauro
Monte Lauro
Location Ragusa/Syracuse, Italy
Parent range Hyblaean Mountains
Easiest route Mountain walk from the road at Buscemi.

Mount Lauro is a mountain reaching 986 metres located in south-eastern Sicily belonging to the chain of Hyblaean Mountains, stretching between three provinces of Catania, Ragusa and Siracusa. Together with the adjacent mountains, Monte Lauro is part of a complex of Miocene volcanic submarine, no longer active.

From its slopes, which currently hosts more than 2330 hectares of coniferous forests of Mediterranean and extending into the territories of Buccheri, Buscemi, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Ferla, Giarratana, Licodia Eubea, Monterosso Almo, Vizzini and Carlentini, originate many rivers including the 'Ánapo,[1] Dirillo and Irminio. Mount Lauro's name seems to derive from the Latin laurus alloro, as in the past there were many laurel trees. Due to its height as the largest in the area, located near the peaks are numerous antenna installations for radio stations and television transmitters.

Monte Lauro – snow-capped


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