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Moskva, Маскав
Moskovskiy is located in Tajikistan
Location in Tajikistan
Coordinates: 37°39′24″N 69°37′45″E / 37.65667°N 69.62917°E / 37.65667; 69.62917Coordinates: 37°39′24″N 69°37′45″E / 37.65667°N 69.62917°E / 37.65667; 69.62917
CountryFlag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan
 • Total20,700

Moskovskiy or Moskva (Tajik: Маскав) is a location in Tajikistan. It is the administrative capital of Hamadoni district in Khatlon Province,[1] located at 37°39′24″N 69°37′45″E / 37.65667°N 69.62917°E / 37.65667; 69.62917.[2] Its population is 20,700 (1 January 2008 est.).[3]

Internet sources often identify Moskovskiy with Chubek, but in fact this is another village in the district, located about 5 km south-east from Moskva 37°36′46″N 69°42′22″E / 37.61278°N 69.70611°E / 37.61278; 69.70611).[4]


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