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Moslavina (Croatian pronunciation: [mǒslaʋina]) is a microregion in Croatia, administratively divided into the counties of Zagreb, Sisak-Moslavina and Bjelovar-Bilogora. The main city in the region in terms of traffic, commerce and business is the city of Kutina (central Moslavina), with 24,000 citizens. Other important centres are Ivanić-Grad (western Moslavina), Čazma, Garešnica and Popovača. Moslavina borders the Zagreb region on the west and the Slavonia region on the east.

The region has a significant amount of natural resources. It also home to part of the nature park Lonjsko Polje, a wetland which is currently under consideration to become a UNESCO World Heritage site. The region is home of the companies Petrokemija and Selk, and over 6,000 people in the area are employed in the electronics industry.

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Coordinates: 45°34′11″N 16°43′43″E / 45.56976728°N 16.72867894°E / 45.56976728; 16.72867894