Mount Hanang

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Mount Hanang
Mount Hanang.jpg
Highest point
Elevation3,420 m (11,220 ft) [1]
Prominence2,050 m (6,730 ft) [1]
Coordinates4°26′06″S 35°24′00″E / 4.43500°S 35.40000°E / -4.43500; 35.40000Coordinates: 4°26′06″S 35°24′00″E / 4.43500°S 35.40000°E / -4.43500; 35.40000[1]
Mount Hanang is located in Tanzania
Mount Hanang
Mount Hanang
LocationManyara Region,

Mount Hanang is a mountain in Tanzania. The peak has an elevation of 3,420 m[1] above sea level. Hanang is located in Manyara Region, Hanang District. It is (after Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Mount Loolmalasin) the fourth-highest mountain in Tanzania, if you count the three peaks of Kilimanjaro as one mountain.[2]

The principal path to the summit starts in the town of Katesh. The climb can be done in one day (10 hours), but it is also common for climbers to spend one night in a tented camp on the mountain and reach the summit on the second day.[2]

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