Mount Nemërçkë

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A view of Nemerçkë mountain from the south

Nemërçkë (definite Albanian form: Nemërçkë, Greek: Δούσκο, Dousko) is a long mountain in southern Albania and northern Greece. Over 90% of the mountain is located in Albania, where its highest peaks are found. The highest peak is Maja e Papingut which rises at 2,482 m (8,143 ft)[1] above sea level, while the highest peak on the Greek side is at 2,198 m (7,211 ft) above sea level. The river Vjosë flows to the east of the mountain. The largest village located near the mountain is Poliçan, in Albania. The villages on the southwestern slope of the mountain are part of the Pogoniani region.

Peaks in Nemerçkë are:

  • Maja e Papingut 2,482 m (8,143 ft)
  • Maja e Gatakut
  • Maja e Dritë
  • Kuruna
  • Tumba
Mount Nemërçkë


Coordinates: 40°08′N 20°24′E / 40.133°N 20.400°E / 40.133; 20.400