Mount Quincy Adams (Fairweather Range)

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Mount Quincy Adams
Mount Quincy Adams is located in Alaska
Mount Quincy Adams
Mount Quincy Adams
Alaska Panhandle / Stikine Region, British Columbia
Elevation 4,150 m (13,620 ft)[1]
Prominence 410 m (1,350 ft)[1]
Range Fairweather Range
Coordinates 58°54′32″N 137°27′05″W / 58.90889°N 137.45139°W / 58.90889; -137.45139Coordinates: 58°54′32″N 137°27′05″W / 58.90889°N 137.45139°W / 58.90889; -137.45139[2]
Topo map USGS Mount Fairweather D-5
First ascent Bradford Washburn,
H. Adams Carter, 1934[3]

Mount Quincy Adams is a mountain located on the border between United States and Canada. It is named after John Quincy Adams (1767–1848), the sixth president of the United States.

The southern and eastern flanks of the mountain are in Glacier Bay National Park, in Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, Alaska. The northern and northwestern flanks are in Tatshenshini-Alsek Park, in Stikine Region, British Columbia, making it the second highest peak in B.C. Mount Quincy Adams is flanked to the west by Mount Fairweather 4,671 m (15,325 ft).


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