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Coordinates: 51°0′49.09″N 114°8′0.54″W / 51.0136361°N 114.1334833°W / 51.0136361; -114.1334833

Mount Royal University
Mount Royal University Coat of Arms.png
Latin: Universitas Montis Regius
Motto Quam Bene Non Quantum
Motto in English
"How well, not how much."
Type Public
Endowment C$99M[1]
President David Docherty
Provost Lesley Brown
Academic staff
Undergraduates 24,768 (10,551 full-time, 13,571 part-time)[3]
Other students
41,020 Continuing Education and Extension registrations, 3,667 Languages Institute and International registrations & 9,999 Conservatory course registrations[3]
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Campus Lincoln Park Urban,
Springbank Urban

Blue, Light Blue, White

Nickname Cougars
Affiliations AUCC, U Sports, AACTI, CBIE, CONAHEC
Mount Royal University Logo.svg

Mount Royal University (MRU) is a public university in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Mount Royal University was founded in 1910 following a charter by the Alberta provincial government.[4] Mount Royal became a post-secondary institution in 1931 as Mount Royal Junior College (MRC) offering transfer courses to the University of Alberta and later to the University of Calgary.[5] A war memorial honour roll is dedicated to Mount Royal alumni who have volunteered for active service in the Canadian Forces.[6]

In 1970, Mount Royal launched their Aviation diploma program – one of the first aviation programs to integrate an academic diploma program and flight training. In 1972 Mount Royal moved from several buildings in downtown Calgary to a new campus at Lincoln Park on the south west section of the city – a former airforce base.[7]

It was renamed Mount Royal University in 2009 by the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. In 1995 it launched the Bachelor of Applied Business and Entrepreneurship. Between 1995 and 2007, it had launched 14 applied degrees across all disciplines. By 2008, it had begun to launch additional undergraduate degrees including a Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts. On Feb. 18, 2011 Mount Royal University launched its eighth undergraduate degree – the Bachelor of Education, Elementary. This degree is unique in Alberta for providing students with direct entry into the four-year degree program. The program also prepares students for certification with the Teacher Development and Certification Branch of Alberta Education.

In 2010 there were approximately 12,000 full and part-time credit students enrolled, with an additional 5,000 students in the Music Conservatory and over 50,000 individual non-credit course registrations per year.[citation needed]



  • Faculty of Arts
  • Bisset School of Business
  • School of Communication Studies
  • Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension
  • Faculty of Health, Community and Education
  • Faculty of Science and Technology


  • Institute for Child Well-being
  • Institute for Community Prosperity
  • Institute for Environmental Sustainability
  • Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • International Education


  • Centre for Community Disaster Research
  • Iniskim Centre


Mount Royal University officially opened the Riddell Library and Learning Centre on September 7, 2017 replacing the previous library which opened in 1972.[8] The $100 million dollar facility features more than 16,000-square-metres of space, 34 study rooms, 1,700 seats and access to 3D printing, and even its own cafe.[9]

Mount Royal University from across the pond

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable alumni of the university include:


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