Moyamba District

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Moyamba District
Location of Moyamba District in Sierra Leone
Location of Moyamba District in Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 8°00′N 12°30′W / 8.000°N 12.500°W / 8.000; -12.500Coordinates: 8°00′N 12°30′W / 8.000°N 12.500°W / 8.000; -12.500
CountrySierra Leone
Largest cityMoyamba
 • TypeDistrict Council
 • District Council ChairmanJoseph Benedict Mbogba (SLPP)[1]
 • Deputy District Council ChairmanIshmael Momo (SLPP)[2]
 • Total6,902 km2 (2,665 sq mi)
Population (2015 census)
 • Total318,064
 • Density46/km2 (120/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (Greenwich Mean Time)

Moyamba District is the largest district in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone with a population of 318,064 in the 2015 census.[1][2]

Its capital and largest city is Moyamba.[1][2] The other major towns include Njala, Rotifunk and Shenge.[1][2] The district is the largest in the Southern Province by geographical area, occupying a total area of 6,902 km2 (2,665 sq mi) and comprises fourteen chiefdoms.[1][2]

Moyamba District borders the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Port Loko District and Tonkolili District to the north, Bo District to the east and Bonthe District to the south.[1][2] The main economic activities include mining (rutile and bauxite), fishing, rice growing and oil palm plantations.[1][2]

Moyamba District is predominantly inhabited by the Mende people, though there is a large population of other ethnic groups in the district.[1][2]

Moyamba District is the birthplace of many of Sierra Leone's most prominent politicians who helped the country's gained Independence in 1961, including Sir Milton Margai, who led Sierra Leone to independence in 1961 and became the nation's first prime minister; Siaka Stevens, former prime minister and Sierra Leone's president from 1971 to 1985; former Sierra Leone's prime minister Sir Albert Margai; John Karefa-Smart, one of Sierra Leone's most prominent political figure and former minister of foreign affairs; Sir Banja Tejan-Sie, former Sierra Leone chief justice, former speaker of parliament and former attorney general, Ella Koblo Gulama, Sierra Leone's first elected female Member of Parliament and Sierra Leone's first female Cabinet Minister; Sierra Leonean diplomat John Akar, who composed the music of Sierra Leone's National Anthem.[1][2]

Administrative divisions[edit]


The district is made up of fourteen chiefdoms as the third level of administrative subdivision.

Notable people from Moyamba District[edit]


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