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Mozio is an online startup company that operates an airport transportation search engine that aggregates ground transportation data to plan their trips to and from an airport.[1] It makes use of buses, trains, ferries, subways, and other types of transit to allow users to arrive at the airport in a minimum amount of time.

Mozio was created in 2011 by David Litwak[2] and Joseph Metzinger.[3] Mozio completed Plug and Play's Start-up Camp in February 2012 and has since created partnerships with a number of large and small agencies, including Uber, Shuttlefare, and[4] Their platform will compare time and cost metrics in order to find the most efficient option for each traveler and destination. [5]

In 2013, Mozio is in the process of raising their seed round funding; and has signed a some investors, including Jeff Clarke -- Chairman of Orbitz. The first airports to be included in the search services were San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco.[6] The company is focusing on development of their ground transportation to airport platform.[7][8]


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