Mukhavets River

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Mukhavets River
The Mukhavets River at Brest, Belarus
Origin Pruzhany, Belarus
Mouth Bug River
Basin countries Belarus
Length 113 km (70 mi)
Source elevation  
Avg. discharge 33,6 m³/s
Basin area 6,600 km² (2,548 mi²)

Mukhavets (Belarusian: Мухаве́ц (Muchaviec), [muxaˈvʲets]; Polish: Muchawiec, BGN/PCGN romanization: Mukhavyets) is a river in western Belarus, a tributary to the Bug River.

The river rises in Pruzhany, Belarus where the Mukha river and the Viets canal are converging, flows in the south-western Belarus and empties into the Bug River in Brest.

The river is 113 km long. The basin area is 6,600 km².

The river is connected with the Dnieper river by the Dnieper-Bug Canal.



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Coordinates: 52°05′01″N 23°38′54″E / 52.0835°N 23.6482°E / 52.0835; 23.6482