Mukim Mentiri

Coordinates: 4°57′43″N 115°01′23″E / 4.962°N 115.023°E / 4.962; 115.023
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Mukim Mentiri
Mentiri as seen from space in 2010.
Mentiri as seen from space in 2010.
Mentiri is in orange.
Mentiri is in orange.
Coordinates: 4°57′43″N 115°01′23″E / 4.962°N 115.023°E / 4.962; 115.023
 • Total30,192
Time zoneUTC+8 (BNT)

Mukim Mentiri is a mukim in Brunei-Muara District, Brunei. The population was 30,192 in 2016.[1]


The mukim is named after Kampong Mentiri, one of the villages it encompasses.[citation needed]


The mukim is located in the north-east of the district, bordering the South China Sea to the north, Mukim Serasa to the east, the Brunei Bay to the south, Mukim Kota Batu to the south-west and Mukim Berakas 'A' and Mukim Berakas 'B' to the west.

There are several islands included within the mukim, namely Pulau Salar, Pulau Simangga Besar and Pulau Bedukang.


As of 2016 census,[1] the population was 30,192 with 49.8% males and 50.2% females. The mukim had 5,292 households occupying 5,280 dwellings. The entire population lived in urban areas.


As of 2016, the mukim comprised the following census villages:[1]

Villages Population
Kampong Batu Marang 870
Kampong Mentiri 1,215
Kampong Pengkalan Sibabau 699
Kampong Salar 846
Kampong Sungai Buloh 3,857
Kampong Tanah Jambu 8,809
RPN Mentiri Area 'A'[a] 2,880
RPN Mentiri Area 'B'[a] 3,081
RPN Panchor Mengkubau 7,935
Total 30,192


The mukim is home to the following public housing estates:

Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Secondary School is the sole secondary school in the mukim.

Salar Industrial Park in Kampong Salar is one of the industrial parks in the country.


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