Muktagachha Shiva temple

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The Muktagachha Shiva temple is a twin temple located outside the Rajbari of Muktagachha, located in the Mymensingh District of Bangladesh. The temple was constructed in 1820 by Rani Bimola Devi, the mother of Maharaja Shashikantha Acharya Choudhary, the Zamindar of Muktagachha.[1] The twin temples consist of the Shree Shree Anandamoyi Shiva and Kali Mata Mandir. The Hindu Rabidas community perform a two-day-long Kattyani Puja, locally known as the 'Shat' Puja, in the Bengali month of Kartik. The temple is in dilapidated condition due to lack of repairs.


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Coordinates: 24°46′03″N 90°15′21″E / 24.7674°N 90.2558°E / 24.7674; 90.2558