Munich University of Applied Sciences

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Munich University of Applied Sciences
Hochschule München Logo.jpg
TypePublic, University of Applied Sciences
PresidentMartin Leitner [de]
Academic staff
approx. 1,200 (500 full professors)
Location, ,
CampusUrban, 3 campuses

The Munich University of Applied Sciences, (in German: Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München (HM)) was founded in 1971 and is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Bavaria with about 17,800 students.

The Munich University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971 by the amalgamation of seven colleges of technology and higher education, some of which date back to the early 19th century. Today it is the largest university of its kind in Bavaria and one of the largest in Germany.

Students can choose from over 80 bachelor and master's degree programmes, several continuing education programmes, summer schools and double study programmes in 14 departments [2].

Faculty members cultivate close contacts to industry and commerce which take shape in a multitude of projects. Most of the graduates' final projects are undertaken in a practical field, in cooperation with national and international companies and institutions. [3]

MUAS collaborates with more than 200 partner universities in Europe, North and South America and Asia. International students make up 13% of the student body.[4]


HM has about 500 professors, about 700 part-time lecturers, and 511 non-academic staff.[5]


HM is organised into the following faculties:


The university has three campuses: Campus Lothstraße (48°09′12″N 11°33′10″E / 48.153432°N 11.552752°E / 48.153432; 11.552752 (Munich University of Applied Sciences, Campus Lothstraße (headquarters))), Campus Pasing (48°08′29″N 11°27′06″E / 48.141463°N 11.451595°E / 48.141463; 11.451595 (Munich University of Applied Sciences, Campus Pasing)) and Campus Karlstraße (48°08′34″N 11°34′08″E / 48.142766°N 11.568775°E / 48.142766; 11.568775 (Munich University of Applied Sciences, Campus Karlstraße)). Campus Lothstraße also includes the buildings of the Department of Design in Infanteriestraße (48°09′32″N 11°33′24″E / 48.158829°N 11.556716°E / 48.158829; 11.556716 (Munich University of Applied Sciences, Campus Lothstraße (building in Infanteriestraße))) and the Department of Tourism in Schachenmeierstraße (48°05′29″N 11°19′25″E / 48.091390°N 11.323690°E / 48.091390; 11.323690 (Munich University of Applied Sciences, Campus Lothstraße (building in Schachenmeierstraße))).

Campus Lothstraße[edit]

Campus Pasing[edit]

  • approx. 4,200 students[7]
  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Applied Social Sciences

Campus Karlstraße[edit]

  • approx. 1,900 students[8]
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Geoinformatics

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Coordinates: 48°09′12.36″N 11°33′09.91″E / 48.1534333°N 11.5527528°E / 48.1534333; 11.5527528