Museum of South Texas History

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Museum of South Texas History
Established 1970
Location Edinburg, Texas
Type History
Website Museum of South Texas History

The Museum of South Texas History is located in Edinburg, Texas. It features exhibits on the history of the Rio Grande Valley, as well as the rest of South Texas and Northern Mexico.

The museum now owns more than a city block, located on the square in Edinburg. The Museum opened in 1970 as the Hidalgo County Historical Museum. It was originally housed in Hidalgo County’s Old Jail, a Texas National Landmark, built in 1910. The Museum has since expanded to three main buildings, and gives visitors a full understanding of regional history from prehistoric times and following through to the 20th century.

Collections include a giant prehistoric mosasaur and ice age mammoth, and follow to Coahuiltecan Indians, the Spanish exploration and colonization, the Mexican War, the U.S Civil War, the Steamboat era, and the Cattle Kingdom.

In November 2007, the final installment to the exhibits was unveiled, River Crossroads. The final stop on the tour, Crossroads takes the visitor through the prominence of the “Citrus Era,” the turmoil of the Mexican Revolution, and ends the journey with most recent area history.

The Margaret H. McAllen Memorial Archives house the Valley’s largest collection of historical photographs, plus documents and maps, available for research in the expanded quarters.

The Museum Store offers the largest selection of South Texas history books and memorabilia in the Rio Grande Valley.

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