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Not to be confused with Barsana in India.
For the village in Alba County, see Şugag.
Bârsana Monastery
Bârsana Monastery
Commune Bârsana in Maramureş County
Bârsana within Romania
Bârsana is located in Romania
Bârsana within Romania
Coordinates: 47°48′54″N 24°03′35″E / 47.81500°N 24.05972°E / 47.81500; 24.05972Coordinates: 47°48′54″N 24°03′35″E / 47.81500°N 24.05972°E / 47.81500; 24.05972
Country  Romania
County Actual Maramures county CoA.png Maramureş County
Commune Bârsana
Historic region Transylvania
Component villages Bârsana, Nănești
 • Mayor Petru Cudrici (since 2004) (Partidul Naţional Liberal)
 • Total 68.73 km2 (26.54 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 4,474
Postal code 437035 - Bârsana
437036 - Nănești
Website (Romanian) www.primaria-barsana.ro

Bârsana (Hungarian: Barcánfalva) is a commune in Maramureş County, Romania. It is composed of two villages, Bârsana and Nănești (Nánfalva). It also included Onceşti village until 2004, when it was split off to form a separate commune. As of 2002, Bârsana had 6,352 inhabitants, all but ten of whom were ethnic Romanians. 86.7% were Romanian Orthodox, 7.8% Greek-Catholic and 3.1% Pentecostal.

Bârsana's Church of the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple is one of eight Wooden Churches of Maramureş listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, another wooden monastery was built in Bârsana.