NAIA Men's Golf Championship

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NAIA Men's Golf Championship
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics logo.svg
Sport Golf
Founded 1952
Country United States and Canada
Most recent
Oklahoma City (10)
Official website

The NAIA Men's Golf Championship is the annual tournament to determine the national champions of men's NAIA collegiate golf n the United States and Canada. It has been held each year since 1952.[1][2]

The most successful program is Oklahoma City, with 10 NAIA national titles. They are the reigning national champions, having won their tenth national title in 2016.


Year Team Individual
1952 North Texas State Marion Hiskey, North Texas State
1953 Hardin–Simmons University Tommy Hale, Hardin–Simmons University
1954 North Texas State Marion Hiskey, North Texas State
1955 North Texas State Ray Ferguson, North Texas State
1956 Lamar Tech Bunky Johnson, Lamar Tech
1957 Lamar Tech Jim Curti, Rollins College
1958 Lamar Tech Eddie Langer, Lamar Tech
1959 Western Illinois University Jim King, Western Illinois University
1960 Lamar Tech Bill Wright, Western Washington State College
1961 Lamar Tech Bill Levely, Lamar Tech
1962 Western Illinois University Steve Spray, Eastern New Mexico University
1963 Eastern New Mexico University Steve Spray, Eastern New Mexico University
1964 Texas Wesleyan College Craig Mertz, East Texas State
1965 East Texas State Craig Mertz, East Texas State
1966 University of Southwestern Louisiana Don Iverson, Wisconsin State University–La Crosse
1967 University of Southwestern Louisiana John Bohmann, Texas Lutheran College
1968 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Rick Hrip, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
1969 Texas Wesleyan College Ken Hyland, Malone College
1970 Campbell University Jimmy Chapman, Southwest Texas State University
1971 Saint Bernard College Sammy Rachels, Columbus College
1972 U.S. International University Gaylord Burrows, Eastern Illinois University
Jim McAnally, Angelo State University
1973 Wofford College Jay Overton, Campbell University
Mike Zack, Saint Bernard College
1974 U.S. International University Dan Frickey, Washburn University
1975 Texas Wesleyan College Dan Gray, Texas Wesleyan College
1976 Gardner–Webb University Will Brewer, David Lipscomb College
1977 Gardner–Webb University Jim Bromley, Campbell University
1978 Sam Houston State University Greg Brown, Point Loma College
1979 Sam Houston State University Robert Thompson, Sam Houston State University
1980 Sam Houston State University Tom Allbright, Sam Houston State University
Danny Mijovic, Texas Wesleyan College
1981 Sam Houston State University Danny Mijovic, Texas Wesleyan College
1982 Elon University Danny Mijovic, Texas Wesleyan College
1983 Cameron University Dow Brian, Texas Wesleyan College
Bill Brooks, Guilford College
Danny Mijovic, Texas Wesleyan College
1984 Limestone College Chip Johnson, Limestone College
1985 Huntingdon College Dan Penny, Huntingdon College
1986 Huntingdon College Jon Hough, Kennesaw College
Rob Odom, Guilford College
1987 Huntingdon College Joe Durant, Huntingdon College
1988 Huntingdon College David Schreyer, Huntingdon College
1989 Guilford College Nicky Martin, Huntingdon College
1990 Texas Wesleyan University Andy Fuller, Texas Wesleyan University
1991 University of North Florida Cam Beckman, Texas Lutheran College
1992 Huntingdon College Jamie Burns, University of North Florida
Scott Gardner, Cumberland College
1993 University of North Florida Jamie Burns, University of North Florida
1994 Huntingdon College Henrik Nyström, Lynn University
1995 Texas Wesleyan University Steve Armstrong, Pfeiffer College
1996 Lynn University Steve Galko, Texas Wesleyan University
1997 University of Mobile Keith Hoard, Spring Hill College
1998 Berry College Chris Gaines, Texas Wesleyan University
1999 Texas Wesleyan University Brent Osachoff, Simon Fraser University
2000 Malone College David Tuyo, University of Mobile
2001 Oklahoma City University Justin Walters, Huntingdon College
2002 Oklahoma City University Tyrone van Aswegen, Oklahoma City University
2003 Oklahoma City University Nicolas Allain, Oklahoma City University
2004 Oklahoma City University Chad Wensel, The Master's College
2005 Johnson & Wales University (Florida) Jim Renner, Johnson & Wales University (Florida)
2006 Oklahoma City University Joe Prince, Point Loma Nazarene University
2007 Oklahoma City University Daniel Mitchell, Oklahoma City University
2008 University of British Columbia Sam Cyr, Point Loma Nazarene University
2009 Oklahoma Christian University Sam Cyr, Point Loma Nazarene University
2010 Oklahoma City University Justin Lower, Malone University
2011 Oklahoma Christian University Oscar Stark, Oklahoma Christian University
2012 Oklahoma City University Carson Kallis, University of Victoria
2013 Oklahoma City University Sondre Ronold, Oklahoma City University
2014 College of Coastal Georgia James Marchesani, Oklahoma City University
2015 College of Coastal Georgia Sean Elliott, Dalton State College
2016 Oklahoma City University David Ravetto, Texas Wesleyan University
2017 Grand View Rowan Lester, Texas Wesleyan University

Multiple winners[edit]


The following schools have won more than one team championship:

Individual champion[edit]

The following men have won more than one individual championship:

Individual champion's school[edit]

The following schools have produced more than one individual champion:

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