NDMC Supercomputer

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NDMC Supercomputer
OperatorsThe National Defense Management Center
LocationMoscow, Russia
ArchitectureRussian processor units,[1] Elbrus-8S + Komdiv128-RIO (Floating-point arithmetic accelerator / Coprocessor)
Operating systemAstra Linux[1]
Storage236 PB
Speed16 PFLOPS
RankingTOP500: 7th (@16 PFLOPS), 2017

NDMC Supercomputer is a military supercomputer with a speed of 16 petaflops.[2] It is located in Moscow, Russia. The storage capacity is 236 petabytes.[3] The supercomputer is designed to predict the development of armed conflicts and is able to analyze the situation and draw conclusions based on the information about past military conflicts.[4] The database of the supercomputer contains data on the major armed conflicts of modernity for the efficient analysis of future threats.[5]

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