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NFL Xtreme was 989 Studios' answer to the NFL Blitz series for the Sony PlayStation in 1998. The game was produced by 989 Studios and Published by SCEA. Essentially the gameplay was similar to the style of NFL Blitz, but was more of a "casual gamer" / arcade version of NFL Gameday '98, like NFL Tour ('08, the "next gen" NFL Street) and Madden NFL 08 respectively today. A sequel to NFL Xtreme came out, and the series was discontinued shortly thereafter. Mike Alstott (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) appeared on the cover of NFL Xtreme. John Randle was the cover athlete for the second game in the franchise, NFL Xtreme 2.

Film director Oren Peli, best known for his sleeper hit Paranormal Activity, was a programmer for NFL Xtreme.