NGC 6139

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NGC 6139
NGC 6139 hst 11628 R555B438.png
NGC 6139, imaged by Hubble
Credit: NASA/ESA
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Class II[1]
Constellation Scorpius
Right ascension 16h 27m 41.6s[2]
Declination –38° 50′ 18″[2]
Apparent magnitude (V) +9.68[3]
Apparent dimensions (V) 1′.6 x 1′.4[3]
Physical characteristics
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NGC 6139 is a globular cluster in the constellation Scorpius.


The cluster appears visibly small and requires larger +12" aperture telescopes to view the core. Appearing around 1.5 arcmins having a radius of .75 arcmins, despite its rather bright magnitude.


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