NGC 6124

Coordinates: Sky map 16h 25m 36s, −40° 40′ 00″
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NGC 6124
NGC 6124 (taken from Stellarium)
Credit: Roberto Mura
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension16h 25m 36s[1]
Declination−40° 40′ 00″[1]
Distance1,860 ly[1] (512 pc)
Apparent magnitude (V)5.8[1]
Apparent dimensions (V)29′[1]
Physical characteristics
Other designationsCaldwell 75, Cr 301, Mel 145, Raab 111, ESO 331-SC003, OCL 990, Lund 701, C 1622-405, Lacaille I.8, Dunlop 514
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Map showing the location of NGC 6124

NGC 6124 (also known as Caldwell 75) is an open cluster located 1,860 light years away[1] in the constellation Scorpius. It was discovered by Abbe Lacaille in 1751[2] during his South African tour.

The cluster is large and bright, with about 125 stars visible.[2]


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