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IBRA regions, with New South Wales North Coast in red

New South Wales North Coast or NSW North Coast, an interim Australian bioregion, is located in New South Wales,[1][2] comprising 3,996,591 hectares (9,875,790 acres).[3]


In the IBRA system it has the code of (NNC), and it has nineteen sub-regions:

IBRA regions and subregions: IBRA7
IBRA subregion IBRA code Area
Washpool NNC01 59,377 hectares (146,720 acres)
Cataract NNC02 121,338 hectares (299,830 acres)
Dalmorton NNC03 316,458 hectares (781,980 acres)
Chaelundi NNC04 188,279 hectares (465,250 acres)
Yuraygir NNC05 45,815 hectares (113,210 acres)
Coffs Coast and Escarpment NNC06 308,115 hectares (761,370 acres)
Macleay Hastings NNC07 729,170 hectares (1,801,800 acres)
Carrai Plateau NNC08 20,100 hectares (50,000 acres)
Macleay Gorges NNC09 153,349 hectares (378,930 acres)
Upper Manning NNC10 83,181 hectares (205,540 acres)
Comboyne Plateau NNC11 123,315 hectares (304,720 acres)
Mummel Escarpment NNC12 400,916 hectares (990,690 acres)
Barrington NNC13 110,903 hectares (274,050 acres)
Tomalla NNC14 227,615 hectares (562,450 acres)
Ellerston NNC15 113,183 hectares (279,680 acres)
Upper Hunter NNC16 232,750 hectares (575,100 acres)
Karuah Manning NNC17 602,423 hectares (1,488,620 acres)
Rocky River Gorge NNC18 86,829 hectares (214,560 acres)
Guy Fawkes NNC19 73,477 hectares (181,570 acres)


Further reading[edit]

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