NUTS 2 statistical regions of the Republic of Ireland

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In the NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) codes of Ireland (IE), there are three level 2 statistical regions.[1] They are:

  • Northern and Western (coded IE04)
  • Southern (coded IE05)
  • Eastern and Midland (coded IE06)

Within the European Union, regions are arranged for statistical (Eurostat) and revenue disbursing purposes using the NUTS structure. In Ireland, the whole state is a NUTS 1 region. There are eight statistical regions at the level of NUTS 3 in the state.


The regions are groupings of level 3 regions as follows:


Prior to 2014, the NUTS 2 regions were governed by two NUTS 2 Regional Assemblies. Statutory instrument No. 573/2014 abolished those assemblies.[2][3]

Today, there are three regional assemblies in Ireland and their territorial remit corresponds to the territory of the NUTS 2 regions. The three Regional Assemblies in Ireland are the:

  • Northern and Western Regional Assembly
  • Southern Regional Assembly
  • Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly.

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