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ISO 3166-2:IE

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ISO 3166-2:IE is the entry for Ireland in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which defines codes for the names of the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

Currently for Ireland, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for two levels of subdivisions:

The 26 counties are traditional counties, which are different from the first-level administrative subdivisions of Ireland.

Each code consists of two parts, separated by a hyphen. The first part is IE, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of Ireland. The second part is one or two letters. For the counties, the letters are generally the same as those currently used in vehicle registration plates, with the following exceptions:

Current codes[edit]

Subdivision names are listed as in the ISO 3166-2 standard published by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA).

ISO 639-1 codes are used to represent subdivision names in the following administrative languages:

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Code Subdivision name (en) Subdivision name (ga)
IE-C  Connaught Connacht
IE-L  Leinster Laighin
IE-M  Munster An Mhumhain
IE-U  Ulster[a] Ulaidh


Code Subdivision name (en) Subdivision name (ga) In province
IE-CW Carlow Ceatharlach L
IE-CN Cavan An Cabhán U
IE-CE Clare An Clár M
IE-CO Cork Corcaigh M
IE-DL Donegal Dún na nGall U
IE-D Dublin Baile Átha Cliath L
IE-G Galway Gaillimh C
IE-KY Kerry Ciarraí M
IE-KE Kildare Cill Dara L
IE-KK Kilkenny Cill Chainnigh L
IE-LS Laois Laois L
IE-LM Leitrim Liatroim C
IE-LK Limerick Luimneach M
IE-LD Longford An Longfort L
IE-LH Louth L
IE-MO Mayo Maigh Eo C
IE-MH Meath An Mhí L
IE-MN Monaghan Muineachán U
IE-OY Offaly Uíbh Fhailí L
IE-RN Roscommon Ros Comáin C
IE-SO Sligo Sligeach C
IE-TA Tipperary Tiobraid Árann M
IE-WD Waterford Port Láirge M
IE-WH Westmeath An Iarmhí L
IE-WX Wexford Loch Garman L
IE-WW Wicklow Cill Mhantáin L


The following changes to the entry have been announced in newsletters by the ISO 3166/MA since the first publication of ISO 3166-2 in 1998:

Newsletter Date issued Description of change in newsletter Code/Subdivision change
Newsletter II-1 2010-02-03
Addition of the country code prefix as the first code element
Newsletter II-3 2011-12-13
Removal of duplicate code Codes:

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Explanatory notes[edit]

  1. ^ Only three of the nine historic counties of Ulster are in the Republic of Ireland; the other six form Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, and are listed under GB-NIR.

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