New Zealand DSJ class locomotive

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New Zealand DSJ class
NZR class DSJ 4004 shunting in Picton.jpg
DSJ 4004 in Picton, April 2012.
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-Electric
BuilderToshiba Heavy Industries, Japan (1) NZR Addington Workshops (4)
Build date1984–1985[1]
Total produced5
 • UICBo'Bo'
Gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Prime moverOne: Cummins KTA-1150L
Engine type6-cyl diesel engine
OperatorsNew Zealand Railways, Tranz Rail, Toll Rail, KiwiRail
NumbersTMS: 4004–4060
LocaleAll of New Zealand
DispositionCurrently in service

The New Zealand DSJ class is a class of diesel-electric shunting locomotive used on the New Zealand rail network. The class has a very similar overall design to the DSG class, but is instead single-engined, has a cab that is offset from the centre and is both shorter and lighter than its twin-engined counterpart.


DSJ 4017 performing shunt duties at Ahuriri, 2003.

The first DSJ was assembled in Japan by Toshiba Heavy Industries in 1983 and arrived in New Zealand in 1984.[1] Toshiba are the same company who built the EO class electric locomotives. The remaining four were assembled at the former Addington Workshops in Christchurch,[2] and entered service from 1984 to 1985.[1]

With only five members in this class, it represents one of the smallest contingents of shunt locomotives in current use.

In Service[edit]

The locomotives have spent most of their time in user at the Te Rapa Marshalling Yard and Picton, and have ventured else where on the network from time to time, including Ahuriri in Napier.[2]


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