Nadezhda Ziber-Shumova

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Nadezhda Olimpievna Ziber-Shumova (Russian Надежда Олимпиевна Зибер-Шумова; also Nadine, Nadina, Natalja, N., Sieber, Siber, Ziber-Šumova; born 18 May 1854 or 7 May 1856 in Samara, Russian Empire – died 16 May 1916/17) was a Russian physician and chemist. She was co-founder of the Imperial Institute of Experimental Medicine in St. Petersburg, where she was head of the department of chemistry and biochemistry.

She was informally educated in chemistry in Switzerland, where she moved with her spouse, the Marxist Nikolai Ziber in 1872. From 1877, she was active as a scientist, and are regarded to have published more scientific chemistry works than any other woman before 1900.


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