Nadiad ni haveli

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Nadiad ni haveli
General information
Location Nadiad, Gujarat, India
Completed 1780s

Nadiad ni haveli, also called Bhausaheb Desai ni Haveli, is a house in Nadiad, Gujarat, India. Building 1783, and it has 249 rooms[1] with wooden carvings, rain water harvesting, dozens of courtyards and balconies covered with bronze sheets.

Tatya Tope took shelter here during the 1857 mutiny, Swami Vivekananda stayed in this house in 1892[2] and delivered lectures on spiritualism, Mahatma Gandhi addressed a gathering in 1917.

Rao Bhahudur Viharidas Desai, popularly known as Bhausaheb had inheritated desaigiri (Landlordship) from his forefathers who had been tax collectors from the Mughals. Later on the same arrangement continued during the British period even as Bhausaheb's two sons Haridas Viharidas Desai and Bechardas Viharidas Desai took over as Diwansahebs to erstwhile Junagadh state.

It is said that this Haveli comes Second in India after Rasthrapati Bhavan In terms Of rooms


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