Nadja (band)

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Nadja live in Karlsruhe, Germany, 2017
Nadja live in Karlsruhe, Germany, 2017
Background information
OriginToronto, Canada
GenresDrone metal, post-metal
Years active2003–present
MembersAidan Baker
Leah Buckareff
WebsiteOfficial homepage

Nadja is a Canadian duo of Aidan Baker (guitars, vocals, piano, woodwinds, drums) and Leah Buckareff (bass, vocals). Nadja began in 2003 as a solo project for Baker to explore the heavier and noisier side of his experimental ambient music performed mainly on the electric guitar. In 2005 Buckareff joined in order to make the project more than just a studio endeavour and to allow Nadja to perform live.[1]

The band's name comes from Aidan's name spelled backwards in order to match the concept of a musical style different from his own work. The J replacing the I is, according to Aidan, a reference to the Nadja character from André Breton's book of the same name and Elina Löwensohn's character from the 1994 vampire movie.[2] The duo are a married couple and are based in Berlin.[3][4]


After several limited edition CD-R releases on various small labels worldwide, Nadja released its first official album Truth Becomes Death on Montreal's Alien8 Recordings in 2005. The duo has since released material on wider distributed labels and went through re-releasing older recordings either remastered or completely re-arranged, such as the newer Touched 2007 version back on Alien8 or the Bodycage album on Profound Lore Records/LP version on Equation.

They have performed in Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Japan, Norway and the United States, sharing the stage with, among others, artists as Kayo Dot, Knurl, Khanate, Francisco López, Isis, thisquietarmy, BHUTAN drone, stilte, Dronevil and Mare.

Musical style[edit]

The duo combines soundscape, electronics and atmospheric vocals with slow, epic riffs and dirge-like percussion, creating a slowly moving grand wall of music that has been described as doomgaze,[5] drone, ambient-doom, and shoegazer-metal. Aidan noted that they prefer to call their style of music "ambient metal" or "ambient doom", though he is fond of the term "dreamsludge" as well.[6]


  • Aidan Baker – Guitars, piano, programming, woodwinds, vocals (2002–present)
  • Leah Buckareff – Bass, vocals, violin (2003–present)





  • I Have Tasted the Fire Inside Your Mouth (2004), CD-R: Deserted Factory Records
  • Base Fluid (2007), Digital: Foreshadow Productions
  • Guilted by the Sun (2007), CDEP & LP: Roadburn Records
  • Long Dark Twenties (2008), LP Single: Anthem Records
  • Trinity (2008), CD: Die Stadt Records
  • Trinitarian (2008), LP: Important Records
  • Clinging to the Edge of the Sky (2009), LP: Adagio830/ Vendetta a.k.a. xmesserx03
  • Ruins of Morning (2010), 10" : Substantia Innominata
  • Sky Burial (2010), CD/LP: Latitudes/ Southern Records

Splits and collaborations[edit]

  • Split with Moss (2003), CD-R: Foreshadow Productions
  • Absorption with Methadrone (2005), CD-R, NOTHingness REcords
  • We Have Departed the Circle Blissfully with Fear Falls Burning (2006), LP: Conspiracy Records
  • 12012291920/1414101 with Atavist (2007), CD: Invada Records/ LP Kreation Records
  • S/T Nadja with Fear Falls Burning (2007), CD: Conspiracy Records
  • Live collaboration with Datashock (2007), Meudiademorte / Hlava Temple
  • magma to ice Nadja/ Netherworld (2008), CD: Fario
  • Untitled release with Year of No Light, Fear Falls Burning and Machu Picchu Mother Future(2008) LP: MusicFearSatan
  • Christ Send Light with Black Boned Angel (2008), CD/LP: Battlecruiser / Sound Devastation
  • II: Points at Infinity with Atavist (2008), CD: Profound Lore
  • Infernal Procession...And Then Everything Dies split with Atavist and Satori (2008), CD: Cold Spring
  • tümpisa nadja / 5/5/2000 -(2009), CD + LP accident prone records
  • Primitive North with A Storm of Light (2009), Split CD/LP: Robotic Empire
  • S/T nadja / Black Boned Angel (2009), CD/LP 20 Buck Spin
  • Pyramids with Nadja with Pyramids (2009), CD: Hydra Head Records
  • Nadja/ Kodiak (2009), CD/ LP Denovali Records
  • The Life and Death of a Wasp NADJA & OvO (2010), CD/ LP Broken Spine Records/ Adagio 830 & Vendetta Records
  • Dominium Visurgis Nadja & Troum (2010), CD Transgredient Records
  • NADJA & GALENA Konstruktion (2011) LP Adagio 830
  • The Primitive World with Vampillia (2012), CD is collage collective Records
  • Cystema Solari Nadja and Uochi Toki (2014), LP/DIGITAL: CORPOC


Live albums[edit]

  • Trembled (2006, rereleased 2008), CD: Utech Records
  • Thaumoradiance (2007), CD: aRCHIVE Recordings


  • White Nights/Drone Fields (2010), Beta-lactam Ring Records


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