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Nastel Technologies
Industry IT Management Software
Headquarters Melville, New York
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Products AutoPilot

Nastel Technologies is an information technology (IT) monitoring company that sells software for business transaction management (BTM) and application performance management (APM).


Nastel Technologies was founded in 1994[1] by David Mavashev[2] to provide a solution for monitoring and administration of messaging middleware technologies. Nastel has since broadened its coverage, based on a complex event processing engine, to support the five dimensions of APM defined by the Gartner Group, including coverage for: Java, .NET, CICS, Web Services and other technologies[3] and to handle the integration of its monitoring technology with the typical global 2000 company’s existing IT monitoring software. Nastel AutoPilot has been especially effective in the banking industry[4] and in insurance, healthcare and retail.


Nastel Technologies’ product family is called AutoPilot. AutoPilot is software for real-time monitoring of the availability and performance of business applications. Using complex event processing and business transaction management it provides real-time visibility of applications, middleware and transactions, as well as predictive alerting.[5]

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