Natchez On-Top-of-the-Hill Historic District

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Natchez On-Top-of-the-Hill Historic District
Natchez Bluffs and Under-the-Hill Historic District-409.jpg
Swiss Chalet style "Edelweiss", at 209 S. Broadway
Location Natchez, Mississippi
Architect Multiple
Architectural style Greek Revival, Late Victorian
NRHP Reference # 79003381[1]
Added to NRHP September 17, 1979

Natchez On-Top-of-the-Hill Historic District is a historic district in Natchez, Mississippi that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.[1]

Important sites within the district include:[2]:17

  • the location of Andrew Marschalk's printing office, where the first book printed in Mississippi was printed in 1799,
  • the first bank in Mississippi,
  • the site of American flag-raising, in 1798, by Andrew Ellicott near the House on Ellicott's Hill, and
  • the traditional location of the earliest Sunday school south of Philadelphia, conducted at a Methodist church.

Architecturally, the district includes a set of Greek Revival works that are of national-level significance, and many other styles including Late Victorian architecture.[2] It has what is assessed to be the best Swiss Chalet Style work in Mississippi and it also has the best residential French Second Empire style work in Mississippi.[2]:17

It includes National Historic Landmark-designated sites:[2]

and other sites individually listed on the National Register:

Presbyterian Manse
Glen Auburn
  • Glen Auburn, 300 S Commerce St, built by Christian Schwartz, circa 1875, described as "probably the most outstanding of the post-Civil War houses" in the district and as "the best example of the Second Empire style in the state of Mississippi."[2]
Adams County Courthouse
The Barnes House

A map delineating the area of the district, including a rectangle defined by Monroe, Pine, Orleans, and Broadway, but also a bit more, is provided in its 1979 NRHP nomination document.[3]

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There are several other NRHP-listed historic districts in Natchez:


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