National Order of the Ivory Coast

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National Order of the Ivory Coast
Ordre National de la Côte d'Ivoire
Awarded by  Ivory Coast
Type Order
Awarded for Meritorious service to the state.
Established 10 April 1961
Cote d'Ivoire Ordre national Chevalier ribbon.svg
Ribbon bar of the order

The National Order of the Ivory Coast (sometimes simply mentioned as National Order) is the highest state order of knighthood of the Ivory Coast.


The Order was founded on 10 April 1961 to celebrate the independence of the Ivory Coast which was until 1960 a French colony. As the highest state honour, it is awarded to those who have highly distinguished themselves to the service to the state.[1] The collar Collar is awarded solely to foreign heads of state.


The medal of the order is constituted of a white-enamelled cross of Malta, bordered in red, surrounded by a green crown of laurel. At the centre of the cross in a gold medallion showing a frontal elephant surrounded by a crown of laurel, the whole surrounded by a green-enamelled ring with golden inscription "REPUBLIQUE DE COTE D'IVOIRE" ("Republic of Ivory Coast").

The plaque shows the same desig as the medal but the cross is put upon a silver radiating star.

The ribbon of the order is dark orange.


The Order is subdivided in five ordinary grades, plus a special class of the Collar:

  • Collar
  • Grand Cross
  • Grand Officer
  • Commander
  • Officer
  • Knight

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